If you’re able to start ranking on YouTube, then you can start with this video or I am now going to take you step-by-step through exactly how to pick the video topics which will help your videos rank on YouTube, then you see ultimately I’m planning to show you a variety of different internet resources that will help you pick topics for videos without you being forced to put a lot of effort into figuring out yourself. If you’re new here I’m Stefan folder, and Video Production Company Near Me show you steps to make videos, that’s really awesome just hit subscribe and whatever. Here’s what you ought to actually realize about YouTube, it’s the search engines meaning that if I am looking for a specific topic, I will probably Google it, or YouTube it. And that means that if I’m trying to find something specific, and you have a video on that topic and I find your video and you can become the trusted resource on this topic and I have a whole video about why it’s important to have a YouTube channel in 2020 and you can check that out here.

The fact is that if you’re already posting videos online, you know how important it is to really rank, otherwise no one is likely to find your videos. It’s not like social networking where it’s just very easy to share. It’s really about having people discover your videos when they’re trying to find them so there are some ways that you can choose topics that are going to enable you to rank on YouTube.

First is to view what your competitors are going to do, and copy them. Now I don’t mean copy them isn’t word for word. I mean, figure out what videos they have got which can be performing well and create videos on that topic, but with your personal spin. So, how can you do this. Well, initially you must know what niche you’re in, so let’s just take me as an example, I’m in video creation, I already know my competitors and i also know what their channels are and so I’m planning to look now at some of them and see what topics are performing really well on their own channels and that’ll help give me ideas of the items kind of video topics I should be creating one of the channels i follow that has a lot of great content is known as Primal Video, you can simply click their channel.

And if you visit videos, and you search by most popular and you’ll see here that you know a lot of his videos have more than a million views. Now what’s really important to comprehend is the fact that not every video topics are the same, he has this video that was, you know, got one million and a half views from 3 years ago about using kyna master that is a app that you simply can edit videos on but what’s really intriguing in my opinion is the fact this video he made eight months ago has spanning a million views, his channel has 323,000 subscribers but this video has over a million views meaning it’s a subject that’s searched a great deal, which video is most beneficial video editing app for Android, 2000 YouTube and that i know that people are trying to find video editing apps they can use on their own Android, and that’s a topic that potentially I really could create a video on because it’s being searched a whole lot so that’s a good example, taking a look at what your competitors are doing choosing a topic their videos are becoming a lot of views on and building a video on that topic but passing it on your own spin.

Yet another way to create video topics which will help you rank online, is have a well performing articles or content or written text that’s doing well on your own website and turn that in to a video because again you know that individuals happen to be searching for it and it’s something which drives traffic to your web page why not just create that in a video form, a person who can this really well is Neil Patel, he’s a large digital marketer and that he does a lot of SEO and a lot of his videos are in reality just repurpose blog articles if you’re creating a video on a topic that’s already performing well in a written post and odds are, it’ll do well on YouTube, when you do that topic and video form. The next type of video topic which you can choose that may help you rank online is in fact to select something which is a trending topic or something that is that’s likely to be big in the future. So a good example of this is Recently i dealt with a customer who’s within the cloud space and then there was a really big change coming at one of the programs that everyone use and so i suggested that they actually create a video on that topic, you’ll observe that they really ranked number two, right under Microsoft itself because they arrived right in the event it was happening, they arrived with a video over a trend that’s really big in the industry that they’re in and even even though you and that i have never heard about it. A lot of people are looking for it because now it’s really a big topic so like developing a video which they knew would be searched for much and selecting a trending topic, these were actually able to rank high number two on YouTube, that is crazy, and they only have also like a few hundred subscribers as well as their YouTube channel wasn’t even being used that frequently so again you don’t need to have lots of subscribers or even lots of views, they have got 113 views but that’s like 10 times what they were getting on the other videos because individuals are really trying to find this topic, your fourth way to generate topics which will help you rank on YouTube is actually by getting super specific on a broad topic. Plenty of times individuals will pick a really broad general topic to make a video on. I’ll offer you one example, in the market which i work in a lot of times men and women will produce a video concerning how to write a video script, that’s a really, really big topic.

And so as opposed to making a video on Video Production New York, I chose to completely really get specific and made a video concerning how to write a video script for any social networking video now YouTube’s always looking for new videos and they’re always looking to make it even more specific and more niche, so I created a video on the broad topic but made it super specific to one sort of video Should you look in the incognito window to see if you rank, since you can’t look on regular YouTube, and you’ll see here that creating a video script, I actually rank on the first page nobody was writing concerning how to write a video script to get a social networking video, in case you have an extremely, really big topic rather than creating a video on the whole topic pick a really one small specific part and that may help you rank, so you’re probably wondering how are you supposed to come up with these topics, how are you currently supposed to determine, you know, even how to start. So I’m going to provide you with fantastic tools you can use within order to achieve this.

The first is a YouTube search bar itself, all you want do is start typing in words you know just how to, and it will provide you with a lot of examples of what people are actually looking for so obviously how you can save a life how you can disappear completely, that’s a relevant if I wish to take action with video just how to video edit how you can video download how to video upload these are things which can be being searched online, which I know that if I’m making a video that individuals are searching for, they’re more inclined to discover it so all you need to do is in fact utilize the YouTube search bar to assist you figure out what form of videos you need to be creative. The second tool I would suggest is actually a paid tool, but it’s really really inexpensive and it’s just about the most powerful tools out there and that’s called keywords everywhere.

So I actually have a subscription it’s 10 bucks for I believe 100,000 searches, it’s a Google Chrome extension so I’ll add a link to it inside the description below, but when you buy your edits, you can actually hunt for anything that you might want and will also inform you each of the times that individuals search for it, how many what keywords are related so for example I want to do a video about budgeting to get a video just how to plan for a video and it’s likely to tell me every piece of information I need to know regarding how many searches it is going from so no one is trying to find this per month so maybe that’s not this type of great keyword nevertheless it does produce a listing of related keywords so video production costs video production price list film budget template people also search for online for video production, this can be a really great means for me to understand what topics people are looking for and figure out what kind of topics I ought to be creating videos on the second tool that you simply can use that will help you determine what video topics you should be creating videos on is actually a free plugin called TubeBuddy I’ll include again a hyperlink to that within the description below. But all you need to do is download it connect your YouTube channel with it and then it possesses a really good something called keyword Explorer.

Now this should help you check out what individuals are looking for which kind of topics you ought to be creating, how to write a video script. So you’ll see here it tells you it’s not really a great keyword because there are plenty of videos existing about this topic right there’s 18 million videos so probably you’re not likely to rank but they do give you a number of options that you can select from to check out those keywords so how to write a video script to get a corporate video that’s definitely something you could develop a video on that even includes a better score, and it also will show you that there’s 176 million search engine results meaning you will find 176 million videos on this topic again you can use this in order to just kind of go down the rabbit hole of finding a topic, the better specific as well as the more niche you obtain the better. So these are the big resources I would use to assist you figure out what form of video topics you should think of and ways to figure out which ones are going to actually help you rank.

So there you might have four various ways that you can develop video topics that are going to actually rank on YouTube. Since you now have your video topics and you’re able to help make your videos. The next action you have to learn is how to actually upload them so that they rank, and that’s what next week’s video is centered on. So, if you want to get notified as soon as the video arrives as the subscribe and notification buttons and I’ll view you here next week where I’ll reveal to you all of the secrets you need so that you can rank online.

So you should create a promo video for your business because many people really like watching videos, however, you don’t have time or plan for it. Great. And this is a video for you today I’m gonna take you step-by-step through steps to make a very impactful promo video for your business with nothing but your phone, and a little planning, I’m Steven Felder, and in case you’re an entrepreneur or company owner who wishes to master this whole video thing without wasting a long time or money then here is the channel for you personally, hit subscribe because every week I bring you another valuable video that will assist you do just that. Here’s one thing that I’ve noticed about promo videos, people are willing to spend lots of money on them but most of them are going to do it wrong.

Here’s whatever you shouldn’t use your promo video, you shouldn’t spend your time telling me how great you are. You shouldn’t spend time telling me how great your product is. And you also shouldn’t spend any time trying to convince me to purchase your product or pay for your service. Just what exactly should you be putting in your promo video, so there are four main stuff that we’re going to be covering in this particular video that are really going that will help you produce the most impactful promo video to your business.

The four things we’re going to cover are definitely the content in the video, how to actually film and create your video, what kind of music or voiceover you should have in your video and ways to edit your video. First of all , you need to be centering on when you’re planning your promo video will be the content, and I’m likely to inform you exactly what type of content you should have in your video and if you don’t have this one type of content then there’s absolutely no point in creating your video at all. Your promo video must trigger in your audience and emotional response here’s the one thing humans don’t make buying decisions based from rational facts, we believe that somebody’s planning to choose our goods and services because it’s the most effective, or we all do the very best work or it’s the most beneficial, and it has by far the most benefit. The fact is that humans can even make buying decisions based from emotional triggers, and then we go back and justify our decision with some bit more rational thinking but at the end of the day if you can’t trigger an emotional response in your audience. Not simply will they not remember your promo video but they’re not planning to end up turning into paying customers or clients.

The second thing I want to speak about is how to shoot footage for your promo video, so that it can be really boring to just sit and listen to somebody talk, kind of like this, but you can spice things up with the addition of something called B roll, B roll is literally any secondary shots that you receive that footage of anything that you’re describing you’re talking about that isn’t somebody sitting and talking on the camera. For example, if I was referring to the way i make my coffee each day, I wouldn’t just sit here and inform you I would film footage of me actually making my coffee each day and drinking it and this could be just something to incorporate just a little bit more visual excitement for the video rather than just me sitting and talking to you. So, anything that you’re going to discuss inside your promo video or whatever story you’re planning to tell, make certain you intend on getting really good simple B roll to help make the video more exciting, I would recommend actually planning your shots beforehand, and if you write yourself a list of different shots that might be helpful so that you can have when you’re editing, it will create the process a great deal smoother.

The reason it’s vital that you change your shots, is that people lose interest watching exactly the same thing. So make sure that you try out different angles or, you know, different times of day which you show people’s faces. Most of these things are going to get people to stick around longer and watch a video for extended and ultimately create an even stronger emotional connection with your audience. If you want some easy methods to have the footage that you simply feel along with your phone look a bit bit more professional if you don’t possess the budget to use somebody to do that and check out this video where I take you step-by-step through my professional methods for making your videos look awesome completely from your phone.

The next thing that’s vital to get inside your promo video is awesome music. Now I know that the majority of people don’t watch videos with sound on social media but if you’re putting this video on your own website or a YouTube channel, people will watch the sound, and it’s crucial that the sound really improves the sense of the complete video, so I’ve contained in the description below a lot of different resources that you can find free music but when you search free no copyright music online, you’ll find a lot of channels offering this, Personally, i use art list I oh I pay for a subscription for the complete year and I can download as many songs as they wish to have lots of different varieties of music, and this works for me because I make a lot of videos but if this is just gonna be a 1 time thing then audio jungle is a really great option because you can purchase it like one song for $5 and then use it in your video. So again, there’s free versions, in which you don’t have to worry about copyright however you don’t have as many choices and then there isn’t as much types and it’s harder to search for, and you have the ones where you can purchase and spend just a little bit of income but rest assured that your particular video won’t allow you to get know kicked off with YouTube or Facebook for not licensing, so ensure that whatever music you choose, you’re not just taking a famous Britney Spears song and putting it onto your video because Facebook and YouTube will shut you down.

Don’t use copyrighted music, in addition to music, you know you could have Video Production Company NYC so you don’t necessarily need to film yourself talking, you might record your voice telling the story or reading the script, put bureau on top from it like we just discussed so that you have footage that supports visually what you’re saying. And that’s also really impactful combining the visuals as well as the audio it will produce a very strong emotional response in your audience and also the fourth thing you will need in order to produce an impactful promo video is great editing.

So now you don’t have to be a skilled or trained editor in order to edit your video. Actually, there are numerous free resources nowadays where you can do that on your pc on your own. If you’re thinking about editing rggnvq video all on your own, and you also really just wish to kind of add some simple text and pictures and possibly chop up a few of the footage so it flows nicely, then you certainly should check out this video where I take you step-by-step through the best way to edit your videos utilizing a free platform online.

Okay, so there you have it, we’ve covered the 4 things that you need in order to produce an impactful promo video and you have all the resources available. To start, can’t wait to view what you come up with, and I’ll see you next week.

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