Mops and brooms come in a number of styles and are constructed from a wide selection of materials. Some types would be best designed for indoor use in kitchen areas, hallways and other areas that have hard floors. Others are specially designed for heavy-duty use in training seminars, garages and industrial places.

Wet Mops

Wet mopping is considered the most efficient cleansing process for your control of weighty grime and dust. In weighty traffic areas during moist weather conditions or even in places in which disinfectants or germicides are used, the moist mop is the ideal tool.

Dirt Mops

Dust mopping is one of the most important kinds of preventive maintenance. Used along with the walk-away mats and Wet Mops, it is the initial collection of protection against dirt and dirt buildup.


Brooms needs to be a cleaning tool standard in every developing. Most inside brooms feature bristles made from artificial materials that offer a packed stack to easily grab great dirt particles along with bigger particles.

These Wet Mops are all durably built to handle the most challenging splatters and daily cleaning. They are resistant against shredding, tearing, and tearing. Select from all of our various colors and sizes to clean up your narrow hallway or big dining room. You’ll also locate a varied collection of handles to use together with your mop heads. For additional great janitorial supplies, make sure you browse our wet floor signs, flooring dryers, and industrial floor scrubbers. If you’re asking yourself where to buy wet mops, there exists a large choice of moist mops available for sale at the cheapest prices.

Tackle splatters, dirt, and everyday cleansing in your foodservice or hospitality business by using these moist mops. Whether you’re cleaning a spill in your college hallway, or you’re conducting a routine flooring cleansing inside your restaurant, these wet mops are certain to keep your floors clean and shiny. Choose from various materials kinds, such as all-objective cotton mop heads rmlxcg additional absorbing micro-fiber mops.

Our wet mops can be found in different kinds to handle various tasks. Cut finish wet mop heads are perfect for cleaning little spills, whereas looped end mops are best for bigger messes. Mat heads include big surface area areas in one simple swipe, and Wet Mops can be used for typical, daily tasks. And, to arrive at into small edges and areas, check out our strip mops.

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