For longer than half a century, fetishistic themes and iconography have been increasingly integrated into the changing face of style. But whilst high heel shoes, corsets and leather have grown to be par for the course, rubberwear retains its ability to transform heads and lift eyebrows. After migrating from battle trenches to fetish clubs, latex clothing now makes the most impact on catwalks and red-colored carpets and rugs.

Latex Playsuit

Earlier this season, designs in rubberwear squeaked down the autumn/winter season catwalks of Gucci, Vivienne Westwood, Balmain, Thierry Mugler and Raf Simons, and the latex looks donned by Kim Kardashian at the Fulfilled Gala and Rachel Weisz at the Oscars remain probably the most talked-about ensembles of 2019. The Hadid and Jenner wardrobe staple can also be cherished by music artists like Cardi B, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj. Latex style has played a starring part in some of the most pivotal put-tradition moments of the ten years, sported by Rihanna in her well known S&M music video clip, by Miley Cyrus at her debatable 2013 VMA overall performance, and Woman Gaga, when she fulfilled the Princess. Countless head lines demonstrate the combination of latex and celebrity remains considered newsworthy.

Latex, long seen as something which necessitated secrecy or censorship, is currently celebrated with hypervisibility. Even though rubberwear is in the center of a mass media renaissance, its journey from Brazilian rainforests to secretive dungeons and now centre stage continues to be 200 years inside the making.

Though natural rubberized latex has come to be associated with futurism and technologies, its roots are ancient and organic. Latex is a milky liquid that oozes from more than 20,000 herb varieties right after cells injuries. The sap-like compound, which coagulates and hardens to form an elastic and waterproof mass, is tapped through making cautious cuts with small cutting blades. The New York-based latex designer called the Baroness informs BBC Designed: “People often mistake latex for PVC, and consider it gleaming, tight, attractive and inexpensive. But all-natural rubber latex is completely vegan, sustainable, fragile and hard to work with”.

Use of natural rubber dates back to Mesoamerica in 1600 BC, within the Maya, Aztec and Olmec cultures (Olmec is surely an Aztec word, meaning “rubber people”). Southern America remained the primary way to obtain latex until 1876, when Henry Wickham, within an act of organic piracy, smuggled 70,000 Amazonian rubberized plant seeds from Brazil and into Britain. These seedlings ultimately made their method to more compatible environments in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Malaysia, countries that nowadays rank amongst the biggest suppliers of all-natural rubberized. During the commercial trend, latex was a hugely valuable colonial source. To tap these huge reserves, horrifically violent techniques cxhvvn imposed on forced labourers inside the Brazilian Amazon and King Leopold’s Congo, where failure to fulfill impossible quotas was penalized with mutilation and sometimes loss of life.

Sex and energy – Rubber’s unique qualities made it ideal for use as defensive clothes, particularly in medication and warfare. Outfit historian Fiona Jardine, from the Glasgow School of Artwork, clarifies its 19th-Century utilizes: “When it absolutely was bonded to pre-existent materials, rubberized enhanced the performance of overcoats, caps, gaiters and dress covers, when travel, public congregation and urban lifestyle became more prevalent inside the west”. As rubberized clothes improved in recognition, some users got to discover it absolutely was each practical and sexually pleasurable. “It’s probably the most sensual material there is”, states The Baroness, “because it features a distinctive look, odor, flavor, sound and feel.”

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